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Jorbat Y'Anna Rough Collies

Jorbat Y'Anna is a Portuguese FCI recognized rough collie breeder, with more than two decades dedicated to this lovely breed. 

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Our Breed


Any shade from light gold to rich mahogany or shaded sable. Light straw or cream colour is highly undesirable.


Predominantly black with rich tan markings about the legs and head. A rusty tinge on the top coat is highly undesirable.


Predominantly clear, silvery blue, splashed and marbled with black. Rich tan markings to be preferred, but their absence should not be penalised. Large black markings, slate colour, or a rusty tinge either of the top or undercoat are highly undesirable.

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We will have PUPPIES.
August, 2014
A new litter is coming. Layla de Jorbat Y'Anna was mated to our Grand-Champion Neo de Jorbat Y'Anna. Puppies expected at the beginning of October, 2014. Inquires are wellcome.

Exp. Int. do Estoril, 2014
Aug, 2014
Sauron de Jorbat Y'Anna was awarded CCC/CACIB and BOB leading the ranking for Best Portuguese Rough Collie in 2014. His daughter, Layla de Jorbat Y'Anna got her 6th CAC/CACIB of the year, winning best bitch. Our rising star, Blue Jasmine de Jorbat Y'Anna has made her debut on the rings by winning BOB/BOG puppy.

Exp. Int. LISBOA 2014
July, 2014
Another great victory. Layla got her qualification ticket, winning also CACIB and Best Bitch. Arwen gained CCC/RCACIB and Sauron won again CCC/CACIC/BOB, leading the ranking for best Portuguese Rough Collie in 2014.