Our History

My first contact with collies started almost thirty years ago when I finally purchased my first collie, a lovely sable bitch that unfortunately died some years ago. At that time, I was not involved on breeding and shows.

When this bitch died at the age of six, I decided to start looking for a new bitch but this time it must be a really show dog.

Through a Pet magazine I got in contact with the people from Y’Anna in Valencia (Spain), and I received at home my first Y’Anna Collie (Ch. Port Blau-Mare de Y’Anna).

After this first contact, many others occurred, and a good friendship started between us.

It is not fair to talk about Jorbat Y’Anna Collies, and not mention the good friends I have in Spain with whom I share wonderful moments. The name Y’Anna came from a village located near Valencia called Anna where the founder of Y’Anna lived.

After my first visit to Anna, in November 1996, we decided to expand Y’Anna to Portugal, and I bring home a few adult show dogs. A new affix was created for Y'Anna in Portugal and as a result Jorbat Y'Anna was born. Jorbat Y'Anna is the combination of the Y'Anna affix and my name Jorge Batista. Although the connections between these two kennels we have our own independency and Y'Anna was responsible for breeding and showing Collies in Spain and Jorbat Y'Anna was responsible for breeding and showing in Portugal.

In January of 1997 I showed my first Collie at the Int. Dog Show of North (Porto) under the specialty judge Mr. Jack Senecat and I got my first CAC. Since then, a lot of shows were on the way, with a lot of CAC, CACIB’s, BOB and several Championship titles.  

The base of  Jorbat Y’Anna Collies and also Y'Anna collies goes back to two very important bitches, Florida Black of Loveling Star and Feydia Blue of Loveling Star, that traces back to Brilyn Black Magician and Tashadon Tommy Tucker.

When the people from Y'Anna decided to breed collies, they selected the Loveling Star kennel in Bolenne, France, as their starting point. At that time, Loveling Star has Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn, Brilyn Dirty Den, Brilyn Black Lace and Brilyn Black Magician among many other good dogs.

A son of Dolen, Ch. Esp Gringo of Loveling Star, has already been imported to Spain and a male puppy was purchased  from this dog, Opobo Golden dels Peluch, that becames Y'Anna's first Spanish and Portuguese Champion.

Florida was breed to Gringo and Feydia Blue to the 1992 World & Multi Champion Chocolate-Cocoa de Momediano, a sun of  Tashadon Hot Chocolate.

These two breeds were really outstanding and we got really wonderful offspring from these bitches.

From Florida we got LLum de Y’Anna, Portuguese Champion and one of the best bitches in Portugal and Spain and Estel de Y’Anna, a dark sable male that gave us wonderful offspring, like Ch. Port & Ch. Int Estela de Y’Anna and Y'Anna Liu de Esteljoia.

From Feydia we got Ch.Port & Ch. Esp Blaumar de Y’Anna, first Y’Anna's affix champion and  Ch. Port Dayanna de Y’Anna, Portuguese Champion and four times RCAC on Specialty shows. All these dogs won a lot of CACIBs and BOBs, in special LLum that got Ex2 in Champions Class at the 1998 European Dog show in Genoa and Estela that got Ex2 at the 1999 European Dog Show in Tulln and Ex3 at the 2000 World Dog Show in Milan, both in Champions Class. Blaumar de Y'Anna also got Ex3 in champions class at the 1999 European Dog Show.

In the late nineties we introduced new blood in our breeding program. Our portuguese champion Dayanna was breeded to the beautifull tricolor Hastings de la Ferme des Blesdores (a son of Amalie Best Bitter) and we got the BIS Puppy All-Breeds and BOB & BOG winner Rody Blue de Y'Anna. Estela was breeded to the Ch.Lux Just Mine Macho de Karlisa and we got from that litter the beautifull dark sable bitch Norma Jean de Jorbat Y'Anna, vice-youth world champion in Milan 2000, under Mrs. Cartledge, and winner of several BOB and BOG with less than a year of age. Our champion bitch Blau-Mare de Y'Anna was breeded to the tricolor male Jamesfair Gift Token at Shorrain and from that litter we got the blue bitch Ch.Port Princess Leya de Jorbat Y'Anna, that finished the Portuguese championship in less than three months.

At the World Dog Show 2001 in Porto, our Blue male Ch.Port Rody Blue de Y'Anna got Ex3 in Open Class and our lovely sable bitch Ch.Port Norma Jean de Jorbat Y'Anna  got also Ex3 in Open class and Ex2 in open class ans second best bitch at the specialty collie show 2001, judged by Mrs. Stella Clark. These two wonderfull collies won several CACIBs and BOBs in several international dog shows in Portugal and Spain during the late nineties and begining of the 21th century.

From 2002 up to 2009, Jorbat Y'Anna Collies  took a sabbatical period and several of the wonderful collies we had lived a deserved Pet companion live. Most of them were gone, and we miss them a lot, but its bloodline lives on the fantastic stock of collies we presently have.

In the begining of 2009, with the incorporation of a wondeful Lakefield based tricolor bitch,  Stansfield at Manakel Fly by Night, Jorbat Y'Anna collies returned to the active live of breeding/showing collies, and our lovely Fly by Night got CACIB and BOS at her first show ring presence at the Int. Dog Show of Moita. 

After that, Fly by Night was mated to our dark sable male, Masterpiece de Jorbat Y'Anna,  a son of our best brood bitch ever, Ch.Port,Ch.Esp Estela de Y'Anna, and from that cross eight lovelly puppies were born, combining the best of the British Collie's Bloodline with one of the best (if not the best)  collie bloodline in the world.

That litter resulted to be the most fantastic litter we ever had, giving us the fantastic Neo de Jorbat Y’Anna and Bloom de Jorbat Y’Anna, both Grand-champions awarded and Best Rough Collies in Portugal for 2012 and 2011 respectively. At the tender age of 18 months old, Bloom was the fourth Jorbat Y’Anna specialty winner, by winning BOB and RBIS at the 2010 Specialty Show of the Portuguese Collie Clube, under the most prestigious judge Mr. Petru Muntean.

Following our fantastic experience with the Lakefield bloodline, our friend Alexandre Carvalho selected to us the Blue Merle male Manakel Antares, a son of the multi awarded dog Manakel Onix. Antares joined the gang in the summer of 2010 and he turns out to be a key figure in our actual line of Blues and Tricolor dogs, giving us from his first litter the specialty winners Sauron de Jorbat Y’Anna and Arwen de Jorbat Y’Anna.

Sauron was our third Grand Champion dog, winning BOB and BIS at the 2012 Specialty Dog Show of the Portuguese Collie Club, leading the ranking for Best Rough Collie in 2014. Arwen followed the steps of her brother and gained BOB and RBIS at the 2013 Specialty Dog Show of the Portuguese British Sheepdog Club. With these two victories, Jorbat Y’Anna collies got the fantastic record of having SIX specialty winner dogs breed and showed by us.

During 2012 Bloom was mated to Sauron and from that litter we kept the tricolor bitch Layla de Jorbat Y’Anna, a multi CACIB winner with less that two years old.

2013 was the year on which we decided to incorporate again British bloodline and Rosie the Jorbat Y’Anna, a litter sister to Sauron and Arwen, was mated to the tricolor male Wicani Captain Black, a grandson of Karava Kempez.

From that litter we kept the beautiful blue bitch Blue Jasmine de Jorbat Y’Anna that is our great hope for the future.

The fantastic stock of rough collies we have the privilege to possess make us very confident for the future...

Hope you enjoyed reading this short history of Jorbat Y’Anna Rough Collies. If you want to know more about us, you are welcome to contact us.